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Spray tanning in Wilmington North Carolina

Mobile spray tanning in Wilmington North Carolina


Make an appointment for the best spray tan in Wilmington Visit the site Looking for spray tanning or massage in Wilmington? Visit Prima Day Spa, "Wilmington's Choice"
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Spray tanning in Wilmington

Mobile spray tanning in Wilmington North Carolina

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Spray tanning is a process that involves spraying a special solution onto the skin that contains DHA or Dihydroxycetone.

The Saucier Group (the company that owns Prima Day Spa) owns the main distributors of DHA in the U.S. Cosmechem.com and Dihydroxyacetone.com

We also have two cosmetics outlets that provide the solutions and skin care products to other fine salons and spas throughout the world. Goodspa and Tangosun

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