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Tanning and pregnancy...


It has been suggested by health professionals that prolonged exposure to the sun, such as laying out to tan, can create some pretty devastating consequences for the unborn.

There is evidence that radiation and excessive temperatures can lead to very serious neural tube defects in the baby such as spina bifida. Apparently, radiation breaks down folate and that puts woman in earlier stages of pregnancy at a higher risk for giving birth to a baby with spina bifida.

It is especially important to avoid excessive temperatures during the first trimester.


Apart from increased skin cancer danger to the mother, sun beds have the same effect as the sun – they increase body temperature and break down folate, except they can do it on much deeper level, so carry even higher risk. In tanning beds concentrated doses of UV radiation can be up to five times the strength of the midday summer sun. So theoretically you increase your chances of having a baby with damage to nerves and spinal cord by 5 times.


While the ingredients in spray tanning are GRAS or "generally regarded as safe" it is wise to use caution while you are pregnant. There is no conclusive research on just what harm could be caused to a fetus by inhalation of even a minute amount of any of the FDA approved ingredients in tanning solution. So while many say it is perfectly fine to spray tan pregnant, we would advise clients to use moderation in all things cosmetic until after the birth of the child. Just as you would at home when it comes to the use of cosmetics or household chemicals.


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