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Facts About Spray Tanning
Most information contained here is copyright © Sprayitall.com. Some information here is available from American Academy of Dermatology.

"THE AIRBRUSH OR SPRAY TAN WHEN PROPERLY APPLIED IS SIMPLY THE SAFEST, QUICKEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL TAN METHOD AVIAILABLE TO DATE" ...With that being said, let's present some facts to help clear up some of the confusion on the subject of DHA.

DHA affects only the outermost cells of the epidermis, stratum corneum by reacting with amino acids (components of protiens) in this outermost skin layer. This seems to be the fact despite the claims by some that they have found ways to drive the effects of DHA to deeper levels of the skin.

The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis, comprised of cells that some contend are metabolically active tissue but most refer to as dead skin cells. Either way this is the layer that is ready to sluff off and as such, the tan will last until this layer exfoliates. This process can take anywhere from a week to 14 days.

Preparation and aftercare
Proper preparation and after care is the key to optimizing an Airbrush Tan. Just as some people will treat leather with mink oil or other preparations to condition it against premature wear and discoloration, it is a great idea to exfoliate and condition the skin before and after an Airbrush Tan. Some lotions are designed for this and some can do more harm than good.
Ideally, the skin should be exfoliated with an exfoliating scrub or glycolic product. Then it should be moisurized with the proper moisturizer approx. 4 hours prior to spraying so that it has conditioned the skin but is not a residue on the top of the skin. Moisturizing should be repeated again after the first shower, some eight hours later. Taking these steps insures the freshest, cleanest, longerlasting substratum (skin) and can mean the difference between your tan lasting 5 days or 10 or more days. Artists go to great lengths preparing the surfaces of canvas in order to insure works of art that will last longer.

Worth mentioning
Yes, chlorine will strip an ABT quickly.

The best products in the wrong hands are worthless, train your people!

When sprayed deliberately, thicker, dryer skin like hands, feet, knees and elbows absorb more dha and appear orange. Premoisturize (as above) and only lightly mist those areas.

DHA vs other tanning agents
American Academy of Dermatology regarding Non DHA Tanners:
"Similar-sounding products on the market that rely on other ingredients to darken the skin, such as tanning preparations, tan accelerators, bronzers, tanning promoters and tanning pills, are not as effective as sunless or self-tanners containing DHA. In fact, tanning pills that contain an ingredient called canthaxanthin have been linked to hepatitis and urticaria, a condition marked by severe itching and skin eruptions..."

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Spray tanning is a process that involves spraying a special solution onto the skin that contains DHA or Dihydroxycetone.

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